Our gins

Meyer's Gin M1

Our first gin was launched on the 3th of April 2014. Because of the mutual passion for gin, Christophe and Tim decided to develop their own gin. Because of the media's attention the kiwi berry (hardy kiwi) got after the first big harvest in 2013: more than 50 tons, we came up with the idea to go for a new style. The result is a soft, fruity gin for everyone.

The concept of the label
The label isn't only a design... it's a story!
The silver is based on the centre of gin: London. Gin was the workman's drink, as silver is the workman's gold.
The curls represent our unique style: round texture and smooth, no mather the ABV.
The bubbles are added to point out to the most commercial mix with gin: gin and (bublby) tonic.
The pen drawing visualises the main botanical: the kiwi berry.

Meyer's Gin M2

We received a lot of positive feedback on our new style and wanted to go one step further for our second gin. We are proud to be Belgians and used a national product: the white asparagus. No less than 30kg are used for 100 liter of gin.

The concept of the label
The design of the label has the same filosophy as of our M1.
The backgroud color and the golden cap refers to the nickname of the asparagus: the white gold.